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Grand Canyon Skywalk – Landmark Controversy



The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a spectacular modern marvel, and one of the most controversial building projects in Arizona. The glass sky bridge stretches over a canyon, and is a sleek, gleaming achievement of engineering. But many have criticized its construction as being detrimental to the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon and environmentally unsound. What’s not in dispute is that the Skywalk offers spectacular views of the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon Skywalk is made of 4-inch glass walls and flooring, so you’ll actually be walking on glass hovering 3,600 above the canyon floor. Get to know a few more interesting facts about the Skywalk at the Grand Canyon.  The Skywalk is located on the West Rim of the Grand Canyon approximately 5 hours from the Grand Canyon National Park.

Skywalk Fun Facts:

  • Grand Canyon Skywalk cost $31 million to build.
  • The Skywalk is owned by the Hualapai Indian tribe.
  • Accessed via Grand Canyon West Airport or Las Vegas.
  • Skywalk can withstand a magnitude 8 earthquake and 100 mph winds.
  • The Skywalk rises higher above the ground than most skyscrapers.
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One Response to Grand Canyon Skywalk – Landmark Controversy

  1. Gleb Says:

    i rely like the website and its rely interesting how you made skywalk out of glass !! 🙂

    maybe wane day i will visit the skywalk

    November 3, 2011


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