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Grand Canyon Hiking Trails & Tips

Hike smart in the Grand Canyon. Stay hydrated, know where you’re going and never ever go off-trail. The Grand Canyon poses challenges even for experienced hikers. The dry heat and high altitude makes hiking in the Grand Canyon more physically demanding. The Bright Angel Trail is a top pick among hikers. This Grand Canyon hiking trail offers a plentiful water supply from the springs at Indian Garden. Here are some more tips to keep you on the right path…

Hiking Tip # 1 – Conditions are more rugged than you think.Most Grand Canyon hikers are unprepared for the effects of hiking in arid desert conditions at high elevations. The difficulty caused by heat and dehydration must be factored in along with your physical condition. Select a Grand Canyon hiking trail that’s on the easy side, and you’ll still be challenged.

Hiking Tip # 2 – Eat and drink more in the Grand Canyon.Good news! The heat and high altitude mean you should eat and drink more than normal, about twice as much as usual. Make sure you have plenty of water snacks for any hiking tour longer than 30 minutes. Sports drinks are a good bet.

Hiking Tip # 3 – It’s harder on the way up.Oh, sure, it’s always harder on the way up. But due to the heat and elevation of the Grand Canyon, it’s a lot harder. You will need to allow twice as much time to head back up the trail as you did hiking down into the Grand Canyon.

Hiking Tip # 4 – Give mules the right of way.That’s right, mules actually have the right of way on Grand Canyon hiking trails. Always step off the trail when a mule approaches, and stay to the uphill side to avoid the edge. Remain still until the last mule has passed.

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