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History of the Grand Canyon

It’s amazing to realize so little is scientifically known about the Grand Canyon that we all know so well. In 2008, Science journal released uranium-lead dating method findings that put the geological age of the Grand Canyon at more than 17 million years old! Previously thought to be 5-6 million years old, the new estimate marks a radical departure from previous scientific thought on the geological history of the Grand Canyon. There’s so much to be explored about the Grand Canyon, the coming years will surely bring astounding new findings about its geological and human history. Discover the Grand Canyon for yourself. Here are a few fun facts to get you started…

  • The Grand Canyon is more than 17 million years old, based on uranium dating.
  • The Grand Canyon is part of the Colorado River Basin.
  • The Pueblo people made pilgrimages to the Grand Canyon and revered it as a holy site.
  • The youngest rocks in the Grand Canyon are 1 million years old, the result of a volcano.
  • The Grand Canyon reaches 277 miles in length and one-mile depths
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