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Grand Canyon Interesting Facts

Sure, everybody knows the Grand Canyon. But how well do you really know the Grand Canyon? The Grand Canyon enjoys a long history-really long. Recent uranium-lead dating puts the age of the Grand Canyon at about 17 million years. A lot’s been happening in the Grand Canyon since that time. Check out these fun facts and figures about the Grand Canyon, and test your knowledge.

Summer is a great time to visit the canyon, however remember on the South Rim you are at approximately 7000 feet in elevation so it can get cold. Take a light jacket with you for sunset and sunrise.

Grand Canyon Fun Facts

    • The Grand Canyon is Arizona’s #1 tourist attraction.
    • Only 10% of visitors enter the North Rim (open mid-May to mid-October).
    • The Pueblo people revered the Grand Canyon as a holy site.
    • The South Rim and North Rim are the two main Grand Canyon routes.
    • About 5 million people visit the Grand Canyon National Park per year.
    • In search of the Seven Cities of Gold, the first European viewed the Grand Canyon in 1540.
    • The Grand Canyon Skywalk cost $31 million dollars to complete in 2007.
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6 Responses to Grand Canyon Interesting Facts

  1. mario benitez Says:

    i love yu

    October 5, 2010
  2. Stevie Says:

    your site was a big help to my geography project thanks a bunch(=

    March 14, 2011
  3. jadene Says:

    Did you know that the Grand Canyon includes approximately 70 species of mammals, 250 species of birds, 25 types of reptiles and 5 species of amphibians?

    April 13, 2011
  4. jadene Says:

    no,actually your wrong the Grand Canyon has alot more people to find fossilies there was really 15 people that found fossiles in the Grand Canyon:)

    April 13, 2011
  5. Keely!!!! :) Says:

    Great!!! Love it, Keep up the AWESOME work u peeps!! (=

    November 9, 2011
  6. Adelaide Groth-Tuft Says:

    Thank you so much!! You gave ne awesome facts you have somany!! Thanks for helping me with my project and giving me facts that nobody has extrodinary ones that will blow my teachers and classmates away!!

    December 9, 2011


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